Church Directory Photos

Finally!  A Pictorial Church Directory Program That Grows With You And Doesn’t Get Outdated!



One BIG problem with old-fashioned Directory programs from the old traditional companies is that they’re usually outdated by the time they are published.  What about NEW members of your Congregation that have joined since your last Directory was photographed?  What about those Families that couldn’t take advantage of the opportunity to be photographed during the short span of time that pictures were being taken? Perhaps they were sick, or on vacation, at College or perhaps on Military duty overseas?   What about Families that were reluctant to participate this time because of a bad experience they might have had the last time?  All these factors contribute to a Directory program that’s really NOT INCLUSIVE of your entire Congregation.



Now, You might think that having an ON-LINE, WEB-BASED Directory might solve this problem; BUT IT WON’T.   People are often hesitant to post unflattering snapshot style photos of their family as they don’t look good.  Plus, if they try to post a professional family portrait taken elsewhere without a written copyright release, both they, AND YOUR CHURCH might risk liability for Federal Copyright violation.   At PortraitEFX, we’ve developed a better way!  Whether you already have an ON-LINE Directory, or would like to get one set up, we have a Program which will ensure better participation from your Congregation and happier Members.  We GUARANTEE it!



Here Is Why Our Program is Different. And a lot better!


First, we’re LOCAL. We’re your neighbors. We’re not here today, and gone tomorrow. After your printed Pictorial Directory is published (either by us or another Company) we’ll arrange to come back to your Church to do UPDATE portrait sessions on a regular, pre-scheduled basis, depending on your needs. This could be every six months, every three months, or even MONTHLY if your Congregation is growing (or changing) that much.  These beautiful portraits can then be uploaded to either your current on-line Directory or Website, or ALLOW US to set one up for you.  We’ll even do all the work – all as a part of our service –  at NO CHARGE TO YOU as long as we are your EXCLUSIVE photographers for your future printed Directories as well.



Your Members will appreciate this level of service!  If they have a new baby, they can update their Family portrait for all to see. If a Family member was absent from the previous Family portrait; perhaps away at School, or at Camp, or on a Business Trip, or in a foreign land as a part of our Armed Forces; NOW they can have a quality, professionally-done Family portrait LEGALLY uploaded to your Church Website; absolutely FREE.



Our hope is that by offering this service at regular intervals – providing your Membership with greater access to Professional Photography Services without customary session fees that many Studios charge- your Congregation will consider PortraitEFX as their “Personal Photographers” for all their Family needs in years to come.  This includes Holiday Portraits and Photo Greeting Cards, Anniversary and Birthday Portraits, Multi-Generational Portraits and much more.





When it IS time to produce a new PRINTED Directory, we can provide a level of service you’ve never experienced before.  This includes higher-quality portraits at reasonable prices, friendly customer service and NO high-pressure selling tactics.  We will also deliver your printed Directories in 30 DAYS OR LESS, GUARANTEED!  (How long did it take to get your last Directory from your previous photographer?)



Your area PortraitEFX Office is locally owned and operated, but a part of the PortraitEFX National Franchising system. We’re the fastest-growing photography Franchise network in the U.S. – And for good reason!  We receive specialized training in Church Directory operations and Family Portraiture, plus lots of resources and support from highly-experienced Management from our Corporate Headquarters.



We also offer very competitive photography programs for any other Church-Affiliated organizations you might have such as Daycare, Pre-School and Mother’s Day Out programs, Church School or Academy or Youth Sports Programs. We can do it all. We want to become your TOTAL Photography resource for your Church Community.   Let us show you how working LOCALLY is a better solution for you and your Congregation. Trust PortraitEFX – Where you can Expect the Exceptional!Please contact us to arrange a meeting at your convenience to discuss our program.



Have a Blessed Day!